About Association

The UGOA (Ukrainian Gun Owners Association) was founded in October 2009. It brings together thousands of free Ukrainians, who respect their Constitution and its right of citizens to protect life. Members of the UGOA come from all regions of Ukraine, all social groups, ages, genders and education. They all share an appreciation and respect for firearms and a readiness to bear them responsibly, and do so legally.

Our traditions of statehood and democracy are among the oldest in Europe, dating back to Kyivan Rus, circa 1000 AD. The culture of bearing arms has been established in Ukraine for centuries. Ukrainians have never waged wars of conquest, but have often had to defend their land. On the one hand a culture based on peace, and on the other, a willingness and ability to fight aggressors and support our friends.

However, Ukraine still remains the only European state without any law on firearms, therefore from the moment of the founding of the UGOA, the adoption of such a law became a priority for the organization. The draft law, "On Civil Firearms and Ammunition," which was written with the initiative of the UGOA, has been submitted to parliament. The adoption of this Law will reduce crime, help the development of our arms industry, curb illegal weapons and become the cornerstone for the internal and external security of Ukraine.

Today, when Ukraine has to wage war and defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity, gun owners understand that words about our “right to self-defense” acquire special meaning. It is also about protecting our freedom and independence.

Therefore, the right to protect ones life, which is formulated in the Constitution of Ukraine, in our opinion, requires a new interpretation. Our petition to the President, "To Formalize in Legislation the Right of Citizens of Ukraine to Self-Defense" which demanded that amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine be made, and for the immediate adoption of the Law "On Civil Firearms and Ammunition" 1135-1, became the first one in the history of Ukraine, to reach the required number of signatures in record time.

Currently, representatives of the UGOA are working with the Constitutional Commission and, in spite of many obstacles, are working hard to defend our legislative initiatives and rights.

The mission of the UGOA is to: Conduct public relations campaigns in defense of the rights of all law-abiding Ukrainians to own firearms, provide advice and legal assistance to its members, assist in training and mastery of marksmanship skills, promote a culture of responsible firearms ownership, organize special shooting events, advocate for firearms owner's rights with government agencies and to create and manage gun advocacy ratings of politicians.

We believe that the inalienable right of the citizens of Ukraine to legally own firearms and to defend their lives, has to be irrefutably guaranteed by the Constitution of Ukraine and the Law.