Historical Reenactment

Battle Reenactment, Making of Uniforms, Equipment, Reenactment Weapons.

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Handguns Legalization

Materials on Concealed Carry and Handgun Legalization in Ukraine.

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Military Archeology

Military Archeology Discussion of Military and Battlefield Archeology.

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Military Tourism

State, problems, perspective of military tourism in Ukraine and all over the world

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Self-defense, Personal Defense and Public Security Issues.

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First Aid

Firearms Accidents, Bullet Wounds First Aid, Battlefield Medicine.

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Surviving in Extreme Conditions, Natural and Technological Tisasters, Critical Situations, Armed Conflicts, etc.

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Legal & Law Issues

Gun Law Worldwide and Ukrainian Gun Law, How to Get License and Register a Legal Gun.

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Shooting Sports

Olympic Shooting, Skeet Shooting, Sporting, IPSC.

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Legal aspects

Trial Practice, Legal Aspects, Consulting, Real Experience.

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Training, Courses, Instructors, Methodical Material.

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Everything about Smoothbore Firearms.

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