About the site

To cut a long story short this site is about guns and the right to own them.

Not long ago the shop-assistant used to be the only one who could answer your questions and give you the information on guns. Now the internet has taken this function.

Users don’t want to loiter away time shopping and searching for the optimal decision. They want to get all the information from their computers.

That is why we decided to create the resource that will be helpful both for skilled gun owners and greeners.

No matter know you the difference between smooth-bore gun and  rifle on not you’ll feel fine to ask about it, no neglect.

Each user will have an opportunity to comment on any news or event, moreover, he may create his own material or article which accords the topic of this site.

Our resource is interesting for hunters, sportsmen, collectors, restorers, strikeballers, legislators – for all who like guns and are fond of them.

Each user may create his blog and inform community of topic events and express his own thoughts and ideas.

Personal sites of shops, guns manufacturers, shooting clubs, rifleranges, profile associations and public organizations will be represented on this site.
They will get the opportunity to inform the community of their news efficiently and, what is also very important, substantively, answer the potential clients’ questions and be in contact with them.

The only demand for all is the quality of the content, because it will be rated by other users sending  your articles up or down.

And now on users’ rates:

- If user wants to write something in the blog his rate must be 5 points and more
- If user wants to ask the community of something his rate must be 2 points and more
- If user wants to ask the company of something the rate doesn’t count
- Each plus or minus given to user’s blog adds or reduces his rate on 1 point
- Each positive or negative response to user’s comment adds or reduces his rate on 0,1 point
- Some topics require various rates to write about (the specific rates can be found on topics pages).

Your comments will be added until your rate is higher than -10 (10 with minus) points. After that the user gets the “Read Only” status.

In order to regain the wider status the user should ask the Administration for this in a letter (thoughtful and cogent). The Administration will take the decision at its own option.

The most interesting articles (according the Administration opinion) will be posted on our accounts at social nets.

We want also to add that we do not consciously plan to let the banners ads on this site, because it can transform it in fraternal grave of brands and companies. But advertising informative articles are welcome.

How to begin

We recommend reading the Rules to begin with.

Then you can register easily, there is an option to register using your accounts in social nets.

Please, contact office@zbroya.info or +380 44 227 2760, +380 96 222 55 33 if you want to create judicial person profile and/or publish advertising informative articles.