Conditions and Regulations

Dear sirs, Web Site is dedicated to discussion of the liberalization of the guns laws in Ukraine and other post- Soviet countries, guns in general and the questions connected.

In fact the Web Site is a collective blog created directly by users themselves.

We want you to learn the rules of behavior, taking in consideration the subject of the Web Site, in the circle of well-armed people.

These rules concern everybody because humans with guns in their hands are equal without reference to their age, religion, political opinion, nationality and race.

The Rules

  • You may register only under your original name.
  • Double registration (clones) is prohibited.
  • Administration may strip the breakers of the opportunity to comment shifting them to the «Read Only» mode.
  • All the materials and comments of the regular breakers will be hidden and then blocked.
  • Please, make sure that the Web Site does not contain the material you’re going to deploy. Use the Web Site search engine. 
    We strongly recommend to use various spelling of key words because the materials on the Web Site are deployed in several languages (Ukrainian, Russian, English). For example: «Remington», or «Ремінгтон», or «Ремингтон».
  • Our content managers follow attentively the guns world news and they deploy all the necessary materials at the Web Site.

That is why there is no need to deploy news that can be read on other web sites.
    Exception is made for the materials that you find in foreign mass media and translate on your own.
  • It is prohibited to deploy the content fully copied from other web sites, blogs, even with the hyperlink to the source.
  • It is prohibited to use only capital letters (caps-lock).
  • Unauthorized use of patented or copyrighted materials is prohibited without links to their authors or source.
  • Direct or hidden advertising of any services, goods, activities is prohibited without agreement with Administration.
  • This Web Site is not for entertainment so, please, don’t overuse humor.
  • We remind you of many other web sites that have been developed for political discussions and rows. Please, leave today politics behind this Web Site.
  • We consider the Web Site a serious resource and ask you not to use reservoir language, slang, and, please do not overuse “smiles”.
  • Administration does not edit users’ materials. Please, check your materials carefully to avoid mistakes.
  • Flood, over quote, off to, etc. are strictly prohibited. 
  • Political and religious enmity, calls for extremism and ruling authorities overthrow are strictly prohibited.
  • The materials opposed to the laws are not permitted.
  • The discussion of the Web Site rules and the Administration actions directed on their abidance is prohibited.
  • The calls for breaking the Rules and reservoir language in the address of the Web Site and Administration are prohibited.

Politeness is the distinctive feature of the guns community. While writing your comment, please, remember that its content and tone may offend somebody.

Show respect and tolerance for your conversers even if you don’t agree with them.

Terms and Conditions of Materials Deployment on the Web Site

The materials deployment for general purpose on the Web Site means that the user gives automatically the Administration free unrecalled non-exclusive right (non-exclusive license) for the materials usage all over the world (inclusive but with no limitations) in following ways: reproduction of any kind, distribution by selling, public demonstration, import, rent, translation or any other rework, bringing up to universal attention, with right of inclusion into other materials and usage in any existing or future technology.

There is no need in any additional formality including written documents between the Administration and the User.

Juridical personalities who want to discuss partnership and materials deployment, please, contact: