Kyiv – 2009

1.1. An all-Ukrainian social organization "UKRAINIAN GUN OWNERS ASSOCIATION" (hereinafter – the "Association") is a nonprofit public organization with a nationwide status, which is under voluntary, self-governance, transparency, legality, individual and collective membership unites citizens, arms owners, groups of legal entities for the purpose of combining efforts aimed at protecting their legitimate social, economic, creative, national, cultural, sporting and other interests.
1.2. The Association is guided by the Constitution of Ukraine, Laws of Ukraine "On Public Associations", "On Corporate Income Tax" and other legislative acts of Ukraine and this Statute.
1.3. Activities of the Association are valid on all the territory of Ukraine.
1.6. Interference of state authorities and officials in the activities of the Association is not allowed.
1.13. Full title of the Association:
1.13.1. In the Ukrainian language: Всеукраїнська громадська організація «УКРАЇНСЬКА АСОЦІАЦІЯ ВЛАСНИКІВ ЗБРОЇ»
1.14. Short title of the Association:
1.14.1. In the Ukrainian language: ВГО «УАВЗ».

2.1. The main goal of the Association is to protect the legitimate interests of its members.
2.2. Main objectives of the Association, within the applicable legislation of Ukraine, are:
- Promotion of positive social image of law-abiding owners of weapons;
- Promotion and protection of citizens' rights to hunt, conduct trainings and athletic competitions,
possess and carry weapons for self-defense and protection of property;
- Promotion and popularization of bullet and shotgun shooting, as well as archery as the form of a safe pastime of law-abiding citizens;
- Promotion of conditions that enhance shooting mastery of citizens;
- Promotion of self-defense skills development;
- Promotion of legal protection of hunters, sportsmen and citizens-collectors of various types of weapons;
- Promotion of the better legal framework that regulates the turnover of weapons in Ukraine in order to implement and expand the abovementioned rights;
- Participation in the promotion of the weapons possession culture, promotion of  legal awareness, participation in educational trainings in safe storage and use of weapons;
- Cooperation with public and local authorities within the framework of activities of the Association;
- Promotion of international cooperation in key areas of activities of the Association.
2.3. In order to achieve set goals the Association under the applicable legislation undertakes the following:
- Provides practical, organizational and methodological assistance to local departments of the Association;
- Makes proposals to government agencies and local governments related to activities of the Association;
- Participates in sport events organizing and conducting, meetings and other activities on the territory of Ukraine;
- Assists in organizing and conducting of activities on preparation and training of its members;
- Organizes the production of official, commemorative and attributive symbols of the Association;
- Provides information on activities of the Association, including the preparation and disseminating of the information in printed matters and internet;
- Advises organizations and individuals on matters concerning the Association;
- Represents interests of the Association members in state authorities and local governments;
- Promotes the formation of the public opinion through the media.
2.4. The Association is not responsible for illegal actions of its members.

3.1. Membership in the Association is individual and collective under certain conditions.
3.2. To be individual members of the Association is allowed to the citizens of Ukraine, foreign citizens, stateless persons who are 18 years old and older, and who possess or intend to possess weapons in accordance with the laws of Ukraine, support primary goals and objectives of the Association, regularly take part in activities of the Association, provide an active support to its development and functioning. Membership application should be forwarded to the Board.
3.3. Collective members may be collectives of enterprises, organizations and institutions whose activities assist in achieving statutory goals and objectives of the Association. Collective members exercise their rights and responsibilities through their representatives.
3.5. Acceptance to the membership in the Association is carried out by the Supervisory Board of the Association if:
- An application of an individual member or a collective application of an authorized authority of an enterprise has been issued;
- Recognition of the Statute of the Association has been confirmed;
- Payment of a priority acceptance fee has been carried out;
3.6. Members of the Association are entitled to:
- Participate in activities conducted by the Association;
- Make proposals to the governing bodies of the Association on matters connected with its activities;
- To elect and be elected to the governing bodies of the Association;
- Get information on activities of the Association;
- To get acquainted with decisions of the governing bodies of the Association and participate in their discussion;
- Withdraw from the Association at any upon a written request submitted to the Board.
3.7. Members of the Association are obliged to:
- Comply with the Statute of the Association;
- Regularly pay membership fees in accordance with decisions of the governing bodies of the Association;
- Take an active participation in authorized activities of the Association and promote its goals and objectives;
- Carry out decisions of governing and controlling bodies of the Association;
- Avoid actions that cause material harm to the Association or affect its reputation.
Members of the Association are prohibited to:
- Confront with state authorities and local governments, business, organizations,
institutions and other entities on behalf of the Association;
- Use symbols and the name of the Association without the consent of the Supervisory Board of the Association, as well as for commercial purposes;
- Commit any act that may harm the Association or its members;
- Give any comments or express opinions in the guise of an official body of the Association in the media or in the Internet without the written consent of the Supervisory Board of the Association.

4.1. Statutory bodies of the Association are:
• General Meeting;
• Supervisory Board;
• Managing Board;
• Board of Trustees.