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James River Armory was founded in 2002 to provide the skirmisher, reenactor and gun collector with the highest quality, best value reproduction Civil War firearms available. We remanufactured the Italian Muskets produced by Euroarms and Armisport creating a more realistic appearance, providing proper contoured and oil finished stocks and for the skirmisher, Hoyt cut rifling to insure match grade accuracy. The reenactor heritage grade models will have the modern markings removed, creating a reproduction firearm that very closely resembles the original model.

With the huge success of our Civil War Era firearms James River Armory moved into the World War II, Vietnam. We offer completely refinished M1 Garands and M1 Carbines.

In 2013 we turned our attention to manufacturing since the WWII rifles were becoming scarce. Our first product off the line was our Rockola M1 Carbine shortly followed by the M14F. At the same time of producing the M1 Carbine and M14 we also started our AK Line.

We continued with our manufacturing in 2014 and produced the M21 DMR (M14 with a Scope Rail) which we unveiled at the Shot Show in Las Vegas. In addition to the M21 we took the M14 rifle a step further and made the M14C (Cast) receiver/rifle.

In addition to manufacturing, we can also refinish your MI Garand/M1Carbine to its original “Arsenal Reissue” condition.
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