Signature Manufacturing, Inc.

Signature Manufacturing, Inc.

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Gun Accessories, Rifles , Shotguns, Handguns
Signature Manufacturing has been a leader for the last 22 years in providing unique and improved products, whether firearms, parts for small arms, mobile security and communications platforms or blast panels. We employ experienced engineers, designers and machinists who pride themselves in precise quality work to provide prototyping, patent product development and production of quality products.

We strive to constantly improve our products, investigating and testing various designs, materials, treatment processes and coatings to build our products better.

Signature Manufacturing understands the need for improved reliability and durability under extreme use and conditions, which will provide security and safety of function for all, in many diverse situations.

Signature Manufacturing Small Arms Products range from complete rifles to individual component parts and accessories for the AR15 platform, including:

B.E.T.R. AR15 ceramic plated rifles in several configurations
Scorpion AR15 Rifles, including the SHTF
Upper receivers and parts
Lower receivers, lower parts kits (LPKs), and individual parts
Bolt Carrier Groups (BCGs) and parts
Triggers and trigger kits
Variety of AR15 parts and accessories to fully customize your rifle
SMI also manufactures curing ovens, barrel platers, blast walls, surveillance trailers and many other products.
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