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Hello, Is it possible for an American with a permanent residence permit to be sporting firearms in Ukraine? Where can I find the rules on this? What could be allowed? I will join a local hunting club.

Currently I have a lot of sporting firearms in Alaska and want to continue hunting here in Ukraine. I will live in Cherkassy.

Thank you.

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  • 19.01.2016 14:53
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    Hi Mike,

    Welcome to Ukraine!

    Rules, you require could be found here (p.12):
    You can try google.translate for this, but it works poorly for ukrainian-to-english translations. As well as for russian-english.

    According to this instruction (we don't have gun law!) only citizens of Ukraine can own and store firearms in our country.

    I believe, this is very sad for both - you and arms community of Ukraine.

    So, regarding purchasing firearms - this is definentely not possible for you.

    However, you can borrow or lend firearms under certain conditions. So, I believe this will be possible to hunt.

    Since shooters and hunters from other countries can come to Ukraine for competitions or hunting, I believe other solution for you might be in this field.

    Unfortunately, I cannot provide you with more details now. I'll need some time to find this out. However, we have lots of guys in this community who has such experience. So, hopefully, they can provide you with answer faster.

  • 19.01.2016 16:11
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    Helo Mike!
    You have the right to hunt on the territory of Ukraine, however, it's a very problematic. In accordance with the law of Ukraine "About hunting"(
    "Article 13. The implementation of hunting by foreigners
    Foreigners can hunt on the territory of Ukraine according to this Law. Documents for the right of hunting, issued the relevant authorities of other countries operating on the territory of Ukraine.
    The conditions of organization and implementation of hunting by foreigners, size fees for the provided services and produced products of the hunt are determined agreements are concluded between foreigners or legal entities that arrange for their hunt, and the users of hunting grounds."

    However, it says only about the documents confirming the right to hunt in your country. And not a word about the documents confirming the rights to weapons (firearms). And here comes into force "Order No. 622" the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine (, which reads as follows:
    "Permits are issued:
    2.3.1. The Department of public safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine at:
    acquisition in Ukraine … of firearms … ammunition to weapons … foreigners in coordination with the foreign diplomatic the missions of countries of which they are citizens, transporting them across the customs border of Ukraine, transit through the territory of Ukraine … are made for the request of the ministries and other Central bodies of Executive the authorities of Ukraine, and for the purpose of hunting - specifically on a certain
    by authorized body term."

    As a result, my advice:
    1. In any case, You should consult with a competent lawyer.
    2. You should to have on hand all necessary documents on the weapon and on hunting adopted in your country.
    3. Be prepared to pay for everything.

    Good luck, I hope that at least helped a bit.

  • 20.01.2016 11:14
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    Buying a gun with residence permit is possible but requires money and sometimes - time.

    - No, You can not buy a hand gun!
    - No, You may not use purchased gun for hunt.
    - No, You may not use the gun for self defense.
    - No, You may not use the gun outside the certified shooting range. Accidental shot, reported to happen in your apartment results the legal prosecution. Plinking with firearms is strictly prohibited!
    - No, You may not reload ammunition.
    - No, You may not bear firearms assembled. There is "three operations" rule.
    - No, You may not store even one gun shell of other than yours gun type, gun parts, bayonet.
    - No, you can not leave the gun storage apartment unattended for long term or move the safe into other apartment without the bureaucracy issues.

    That's the main problem in Ukraine - you may only store a gun in a metal box, but can not use it by all means.

    Therefore my advise is: please rent the gun within a certified shooting range for training. If you want to go for a hunt then you need to find a friend with two guns.

    • 20.01.2016 15:54
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      "No, You may not bear firearms assembled. There is "three operations" rule." перепрошую, це щось нове? бо щось не згадаю такє у 622

      • 20.01.2016 17:03
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        С одной стороны есть
        8.13. Порядок придбання, зберігання, обліку, охорони, перевезення і використання зброї та бойових припасів в міністерствах і відомствах, на підприємствах, в установах, організаціях і господарських об'єднаннях регламентується відомчими Інструкціями, узгодженими з МВС України.

        С другой стороны есть
        12.13. Під час перенесення або перевезення вогнепальна зброя має бути у розрядженому стані (для напівавтоматичної зброї відсутність патрона в патроннику). У всіх випадках під час перенесення або перевезення зброї, боєприпасів до неї власник зобов'язаний мати при собі дозвіл органу внутрішніх справ на право зберігання та носіння зброї.
        ( Пункт 12.13 в редакції Наказу МВС N 615 від 26.06.2002 )

        Вот только пункт про просто Разряженное устройство и пункт про ведомственные инструкции дают очень хорошее поле для спекуляций со стороны правопохоронцев. Проще говоря - ведомственная инструкция приорететнее пункта приказа. А инструкцию можно в каждом рай отделе намалевать свою, задним числом под конкретного персонажа. Поэтому, лучше жить по "трем операциям" чем по "занеси побольше денег следаку, который тычет в носом бумажклй где на районе запрещено носить карабин со снаряженным магазином"

    • 21.01.2016 00:17
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      Wow, these are very different rules! I have no desire for handguns. All I want is for hunting both here and in other areas.

      "- No, You may not store even one gun shell of other than yours gun type, gun parts, bayonet."
      Would I be able to display empty cartridges? I have a collection that range in size from a .17 (4.49mm) Ackley Hornet to a 600 Nitro Express (15.74mm)

      • 21.01.2016 03:30
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        Empty cartridges, mock ammunition reassembled without gun powder (primer must be struck or removed) and training cartridges are allowed.


        Law enforcement organizations use empty cases as "terrorist" evidence. So if police finds LR22 case in your pocket - you will be prosecuted. There is no LAW that separates collection and terrorism activity. This allows to demand bribes "to hush up the lawsuit".

      • 21.01.2016 03:40
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        And I am very Sorry, but you may not hunt with purchased gun on regular basis. Moreover - you may not cross the border with your gun. And your gun must not leave the storage place for more than 10 days.

        However, bribes decide your area of possible gun use. But keep in mind that new Police works more legal way (bribes require two zeroes to be added. heheheheheheh))

        And yes - the more you are able to pay, the more you will be tortured by "law-burials". They like people like you: with money and without connections in government.

        • 30.04.2016 19:47
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          new Police works more legal way (bribes require two zeroes to be added !!!

  • 30.04.2016 19:44
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    Better You come to Bulgaria, it is much easy to hunt in this country

  • 30.04.2016 19:52
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    Cherkassy is excellent hunting area, but ...
    But if you have "K.U.M., B.R.A.T., S.W.A.T.", Region Prosecutor, Chief of police department etc. as your friends, you can get best hunting in your life. Excuse my English

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