Man Fined $1,000 for Saving Boy from Pit Bull Attack with Unregistered Gun

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Officials have agreed not to file criminal charges against a Washington D.C. man who used his handgun to kill a pit bull in order to stop it from mauling a child.

Benjamin Srigley made an agreement with authorities last week which will require the 39-year-old to pay a $1,000 fine for the three unregistered firearms and ammunition that were found in his possession the day he saved Jayeon Smith from three unleashed pit bulls. During the attack, Srigley used his Ruger 9mm pistol to shoot at the animals that left Jayeon with scars on his elbow, torso and leg.

“In our recent memory this is a unique charge because of the unusual circumstances of this case,” said Ted Gest a spokesman for the office of the attorney general.

While investigating the case, police seized Srigley’s pistol, which he said was purchased legally in Virginia and close to 100 rounds of ammunition. Police also confiscated two other guns that had been in storage – an M1 Garand and a Mossberg 12-gauge shotgun. According to officials, all Sridley’s firearms will be returned once he registers them in Maryland, where he plans to move.

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  • 31.05.2013 02:32
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    Круто, я думал, "такое возможно только в России".
    Три питбуля, анриал какой-то.
    Казалось бы, при чем здесь Лужков...

  • Прямо таки классический американский набор, в эконом исполнении:
    -M1 Garand
    -И дома должен быть огромный ящик патронов

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