Radetec AmmoControl Digital Counter And Led Advisor

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Digital Counter Digital Counter

Another futuristic technology on display at SHOT Show was the Radetec AmmoControl Digital Counter and AmmoControl Led Advisor.

The AmmoControl is a grip that can keep track of how many rounds are left a magazine and how many rounds have been fired over the lifetime of the weapon.

The AmmoControl Digital Counter, currently available for the Beretta 92FS, 1911 and AR-15, displays how many rounds are left in the magazine on a little digital counter attached to the grip. Radetec had a gas firing replica at their booth to test it (the replica had cartridges that were cycled and ejected). I felt like I was playing a game of Halo!

Digital Counter for AR-15Digital Counter for AR-15

The AmmoControl Led Advisor is the little brother of the Digital Counter. It has an LED that changes color depending on how many rounds are left in the magazine. Unlike the Digital Counter it does not have a display that protrudes out the side of the gun. The Led Advisor is available for the Beretta 92FS, 1911, S&W M&P and the Glock.

Led AdvisorLed Advisor

The only modification required to retrofit the AmmoControl to a compatible firearm is replacing the grip and the magazine follower. No modifications are required to frame, slide or bolt.

Radetec Ammo Control Digital Counter

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  • 09.07.2013 15:11
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    Є така книга.... Зелений фургон, так там злочинець Червень казав - "Почав стріляти, май змогу зупиниться".

  • 10.07.2013 22:26
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    Хлопець на відео пропонує за US$250 ... $260 - світлодіодний, а за US$300 - цифровий індікатори для пістолетів. За US$350 для авт.гвинтівки AR-15.

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