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 Telor Tactical HolsterTelor Tactical Holster

Telor Tactical is a small company that is taking an innovative approach to existing holster designs. The company currently offers an ankle holster, bodyband holster and a thigh holster that use some non-traditional materials to improve comfort and carry. 

David Leverett, the managing partner of Telor Tactical, has a background in the medical device industry that gives him a fresh perspective on what materials work best for increasing comfort. One of the key materials used is something called Sil-Air, a silicone-foam padding used in cushions to reduce pressure ulcers in patients.

The Sil-Air material is soft, and it is very porous, allowing for good airflow. It is also odor resistant and machine washable.

The ankle rig retails for $34.95. The bodyband goes for $29.95 – $34.95 depending on size. The thigh holster runs $29.95. The company also sells a few other products including a slip-on recoil pad, deer stand cushion and gun mat.

Telor Tactical Ankle Hoster

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