Bullets Made From Gold, Diamonds, Ivory

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Bullets Made From Gold, Diamonds, IvoryBullets Made From Gold, Diamonds, Ivory

Jeweler David Roux-Fouillet designed an air gun rig and a range of specially pellets that are fired into rings, earrings or pendant made of platinum or 9ct gold.

The pellets are made up of plastic wadding, a solid disc of metal, following by a diamond or some other material, followed by a soft gold alloy.

The gold in front is them squashed between the ring/earring/pendant and the diamond (or ivory, gem, horn etc.), creating the setting.

This high speed video shows how the system works …

Diamond Shot

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    Ну что ж - ко второй волне кризиса - готовы)

  • 05.08.2013 00:48
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    Стоматологам надо взять на вооружение - пломбами стрелять в зубья. Главное - с навеской не переборщить.

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