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Taurus 85 ViewTaurus 85 View

Forjas Taurus, the famous Brazilian gunmaking company, will start in 2014 the marketing of the Taurus 85 View compact double-action-only revolver.

The Taurus 85 View revolver sports a .38 Special chambering, with a five-shots titanium cylinder, an aluminium frame, and a titanium barrel.

Its name comes from a clear Lexan side plate that gives the shooter a look at the internal workings of the gun.

Taurus 85 ViewTaurus 85 View

Fixed sights – a front ramp and notch rear – are standard on the Taurus 85 View revolver, which is only 5-inches long overall and sports an one-inch barrel that allows deep-cover concealed carry and prompt use even from inside a purse or a pocket.

Plus, even with the minimalist construction and the Lexan panel, the Taurus 85 View pocket revolver is certified to handle +P high-pressure loads, offering reliable stopping power for when it really counts.

Taurus Model 85 View - SHOT Show 2014

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