CoolCop: Body Armor Air Conditioning

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Body Armor Air ConditioningBody Armor Air Conditioning

Another great idea that’s spoiled by being far too dorky, the CoolCop is a personal air conditioner for the gendarme-on-the-go.

A tube hooks up to the car’s air-con vent and pumps cool air into a vinyl undervest.

It looks terrible but the testimonials on the product site say it works great:
“It’s the first time I went back to the station with a dry t-shirt on a hot day!” – Michael Wharton, San Jose California.

CoolCop Body Armor Air Conditioning

The tube fits any standard 2 1/2″ A/C vent, and comes in at just $50. The vinyl undershirt is a worry, though. It might be cool when hooked up, but could be a real sweatbox out in the midday sun.

Poking around the site, I found another little gem: The CoolK9, a similar system to cool police pooches. The same hose routes cold air into a dog kennel. Awww.

CoolK9 Police DogCoolK9 Police Dog

CoolK9 Police Dog Kennel Cooling

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  • Ну стаціонарна штука, вигляд не ординарний зате дієвий агрегат.
    Бачив системи охолодження для бійців, ніби і добра штука але все одно, довго не поносиш і батарея сідає.
    Не розумію чому бронежилет так притискають до тіла.

  • 07.02.2014 16:17
    - 2 +

    голь на выдумки хитра. у нас такие "системы" довно и успешно обогревают боковые окна зимой в маршрутках :)

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