Auto-locking holster Rescomp CR Secure 2

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Auto-locking holster Rescomp CR Secure 2Auto-locking holster Rescomp CR Secure 2

Rescomp Handgun Technologies – headquarted in Pretoria, Republic of South Africa – announce the new CR SECURE 2 high-pressure, injection-molded glass-filled nylon, auto-locking duty holster, providing enhanced retention albeit allowing immediate access to the handgun by the user.

The holster features a patented locking system residing in between the holster body and the user, minimizing the possibility of snatching. The spring loaded, locking mechanism is deactived by the user’s thumb, enhancing both a natural draw and maximizing safety by keeping the finger placed along the handgun’s slide and away from the trigger.

The overall design of the CR SECURE 2 holster allows for a quick, safe and natural draw. The firearm can be securely holstered with one hand, automatically locking it firmly into place with the patented locking mechanism.

The CR SECURE 2 holster will be available for Beretta 92, Beretta Px4, Glock (compact and full-size), Walther, HK, SIG Sauer and Grand Power handguns.

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