Remington Defense 2020 Digital Optic System

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Remington Defense 2020 Digital Optic SystemRemington Defense 2020 Digital Optic System

Remington introduced the previously announced 2020 Digital Optic System, created in collaboration with TrackingPoint, the manufacturer of the XactSystem.

The Remington 2020 Digital Optic System is an integrated shooting system that includes a selection of hand-picked rifles, matched ammunition, digital optics and target-tracking technology.

Based upon a 3-21X Digital Scope with a 750 Yard range Laser Rangefinder and integrated Ballistic Computer, the digital optic system is conceived to bring confidence and improved accuracy to the shooter at distances of up to 500 yards.

The 2020 system is presently available in three configurations: a Remington Model 700TM Long-Range chambered in .30-06 SPRG, a Model 700TM SPS Tactical AAC -SDTM with Threaded Muzzle chambered in .308 Win, and a Bushmaster Varminter chambered in .223 Remington.

All configurations include a mounted Remington 2020 Digital Optic System, zeroed and loaded with ballistic profiles for three paired ammunition types – a target round, a traditional hunting round and a Barnes Vor-tx TSX round, a wheeled Hard Case, and finally, a specially-packed 300-rd case of ammunition - 100 rounds of each of the three profiled ammunition types for that system.

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