SHOT Show 2016: several accessories from Viking Armament

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Viking Armament Inc.Viking Armament Inc.

At SHOT Show 2016 held in Las Vegas, Mike Neil, Viking Armament Inc. representative told representatives of Ukrainian Gun Owners Association about company’s new products.

First product is a reloading kit for .22 caliber rounds. It comes with a complete instructions and company provides international shipping, including to Ukraine.

Second product is a patented AR15 lower receiver, which has cut-out magwell, which allows fast reloading without unshouldering. An AK version is coming out soon as well.

Third product is a muzzle brake/flash hider, which comes in different calibers from .22 to .50.

SHOT Show 2016: Viking Armament Inc

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    Зброяр на Z-10 такі вирізи у ловері давно робить. Ну може не такі глибокі тільки.

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