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What is the Difference Between .223 and 5.56 Rifle Cartridges and Chamberings?

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What is the Difference Between .223 and 5.56?What is the Difference Between .223 and 5.56?

Attempting to Clarify the Confusion between .223 Remington and 5.56 mm NATO Chambering.

There seems to be a tremendous amount of confusion about the differences and similarities between rifles chambered in 223 Remington versus 5.56 mm NATO and the ammunition they require. While they are very similar cartridges and ammo suppliers tend to market them as synonymous, there are profound differences when it comes to considerations about chambering precision and safety.

Here is a basic rundown between the two from somebody that has guns chambered in both, handloads for both, and shoots both (as well as the .223 Wylde chambering).

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