The Revolver Camera: Oddity or oddly familiar?

| Abroad , Handguns, Gun Accessories | Author: Olga Guseinova

retro camera-gunretro camera-gun

Pull the trigger. Snap a picture. The revolver camera is old, but not as odd as one might think. It may even seem weird and potentially even a little morbid. 

Theoretically, the shooter could capture a photo of the target at the moment of impact. But is this technology really as odd and antiquated as it appears, or simply a design a half-century ahead of its time?

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50 Round SGM Glock Drum Mags

| Ammo, Handguns, Gun Accessories | Author: Denis Zalesnov

The SGM Tactical 50The SGM Tactical 50

When the Glock 17 was introduced in the 1982, its huge 17-shot magazine gave the pistol an 18-round capability.

For those who want more, there is always the SGM Drum, which holds an entire box of shells.

And that's a fifty round box.

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