SHOT Show 2016: Silencerco, LLC

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Maxim 9 Silencerco, LLCMaxim 9 Silencerco, LLC

At SHOT Show 2016 held in Las Vegas, Darren Jones, Media Relations and Sales Silencerco, LLC told representatives of Ukrainian Gun Owners Association about a new internally suppressed pistol Maxim 9 and a new silencer Omega 9K.

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How to buy the best concealed carry bag

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Сумка для скрытого ношения оружия «9TACTICAL».Сумка для скрытого ношения оружия «9TACTICAL».

On the market there is a great amount of bags dedicated to the concealed carry of small firearms , but the problem with choosing one with a fast draw time still remains. Most of these bags fulfill their dedicated function of hiding firearms, primarily for transporting them. However when it comes to draw of the weapons themselves, or even less so reloading them, the practical implications of these bags becomes zero. Another differing aspect of the majority of these bags made for concealed carry is their clearly militarized “tactical” design.

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SIG SB15 Brace

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SB15 Pistol Stabilizing BraceSB15 Pistol Stabilizing Brace

The recently announced SIG SB15 brace is now a standard option on several of the company’s pistols. The new pistols include the P516 with the 7.5″ and 10″ barrels, the SIG P556 SWAT with a 10″ barrel and the P556 Classic.

The SB15 brace is a forearm brace that looks like a very short buttstock with adjustable straps that affix the unit to the shooter’s forearm. The idea is to provide greater control and stability when shooting one of these large pistols.

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Introducing the 9Tactical model S waist holster for concealed carry.

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9TACTICAL Black Casual Bag S 9TACTICAL Black Casual Bag S

This unique tactical concealed holster has been designed through rigorous testing with law enforcement and military personnel for discreet or undercover assignments. The modern and civilian look of the concealed holster disguises an innovative quick draw system for effortless and discreet weapon deployment.

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Chris Kyle Frog – A New Website and New Logo

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Chris Kyle FrogChris Kyle Frog

For most of us, when we hear the name Chris Kyle we think of three things; SEAL Sniper, Punisher Logo and unfortunately, tragic loss.

I am told that before his death, he was working on a new logo that would be just about him, as the Punisher logo he had long used was now as much a part of Craft International as it was his.

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Chiappa X-Caliber

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X-Caliber  X-Caliber

The X-Caliber caliber conversion system for shotguns is not exactly new to those who closely followed the American market in the past months.

It was originally conceived by Tim Ralston at Gear Up Center, and originally announced early on in 2013.

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Violent Little Machine Shop Jewelry: Gun bling with a masculine edge

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 Violent Little MachineViolent Little Machine

Those who are familiar with tactical rails and triggers will recognize these iconic symbols at once. Those who are ignorant of gun culture probably won’t. An anecdote: a few months ago I picked up a Magpul rail mounted sling attachment. It’s nothing more than a loop of steel that attaches to a rail.

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GFG Drop-In Side Charger For AR-15

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GFG Drop-In Side Charger For AR-15GFG Drop-In Side Charger For AR-15

The GFG Side Charger is a replacement charging handle for the AR-15 that wraps around the receiver allowing it to be manipulated from the side of the receiver rather than the rear of the receiver. 

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The Advantage Tactical FNS/FNX Pistols

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 The Advantage Tactical FNS/FNX PistolsThe Advantage Tactical FNS/FNX Pistols

The Advantage Tactical Sight (ATS) was developed by WrenTech president, Richard Nasef, in response to the inadequate iron sight products he found in the marketplace.

Nasef, a practicing psychotherapist in New Mexico and California, as well as a firearms enthusiast, noticed shooters struggling with sight picture alignment and the resulting frustration at missed targets. Nasef recognized that the human brain quickly acclimates to a vertically aligned pyramid sight picture over the existing traditional sight pictures and the Advantage Tactical Sight was born.

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