Radetec AmmoControl Digital Counter And Led Advisor

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Digital Counter Digital Counter

Another futuristic technology on display at SHOT Show was the Radetec AmmoControl Digital Counter and AmmoControl Led Advisor.

The AmmoControl is a grip that can keep track of how many rounds are left a magazine and how many rounds have been fired over the lifetime of the weapon.

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US government orders removal of Defcad 3D-gun designs

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Liberator Liberator

The US government has demanded designs for a 3D-printed gun be taken offline. The order to remove the blueprints for the plastic gun comes after they were downloaded more than 100,000 times.

The US State Department wrote to the gun's designer, Defense Distributed, suggesting publishing them online may breach arms-control regulations.

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Iver Johnson 1911A1 Carbine

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 1911A1 Carbine1911A1 Carbine

The Iver Johnson 1911A1 Carbine is a new rifle that appears to mate a 1911 pistol to a AR-style rifle.

It is chambered for the .45 ACP cartridge and looks like it retains all of the normal 1911 controls, grip safety and more.

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