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POWERFUL, MUST WATCH Public Service Announcement – Why Do You Need Full Capacity Magazines? Video

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Why Do You Need Full Capacity Magazines?Why Do You Need Full Capacity Magazines?

This video really drives home the need for full capacity magazines (as if there was any doubt). 

Bad guys don’t operate alone. They often travel in packs. We’ve reported multiple self defense stories on this site where more than FOUR assailants were involved. Do you really want to take your chances with 10 (or 7 in NY) rounds in your magazine?

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Colorado Town Mulls Mandatory Sporting Rifle Ownership as Sheriffs Dig in Heels against Recently-Passed Gun Control

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Colorado Town Mulls Mandatory Sporting Rifle OwnershipColorado Town Mulls Mandatory Sporting Rifle Ownership

The Craig, Colorado city council is currently debating a bill that would require every household to own a “modern sporting rifle,” specifically any semi-automatic centerfire rifle that accepts detachable magazines. 

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Minn. Byron Smith gets most severe charge in teens' deaths

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first-degree murder by Byron Smith. Nick Brady and Haile Kiferfirst-degree murder by Byron Smith. Nick Brady and Haile Kifer

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A central Minnesota man accused of killing two unarmed teenagers, shooting them multiple times as they tried to break into his home, has been indicted on first-degree murder charges, prosecutors announced Thursday. 

A Morrison County grand jury indicted Byron Smith, 64, on Wednesday on two counts of first-degree murder with premeditation in the Nov. 22 deaths of 17-year-old Nick Brady and 18-year-old Haile Kifer. Initially, Smith was charged with two counts of second-degree murder.

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The Revolver Camera: Oddity or oddly familiar?

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retro camera-gunretro camera-gun

Pull the trigger. Snap a picture. The revolver camera is old, but not as odd as one might think. It may even seem weird and potentially even a little morbid. 

Theoretically, the shooter could capture a photo of the target at the moment of impact. But is this technology really as odd and antiquated as it appears, or simply a design a half-century ahead of its time?

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California police train with airsoft guns amid shortage

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Police trainingPolice training

A nationwide ammunition shortage has prompted many California police departments to find alternatives to using live firearms in training exercises, CBS San Francisco reports.

“Everybody is fighting for what is seems like a shrinking amount of ammunition out there,” said Lt. Louie Tirona, a firearms and tactics instructor for the Richmond Police Department who came up with the idea to use professional-grade airsoft guns in training drills.

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