Ukrainian gun traffickers with an acquired taste of firearms

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Ukrainian gun traffickers with an acquired taste of firearmsUkrainian gun traffickers with an acquired taste of firearms

During the beginning of the year the SBU (The Security Service of Ukraine) managed to discover and stop channel smuggling of some very powerful illegal firearms.

The gun traffickers seems to have had an acquired taste in both firearms and optics. For sure, this is not the average gun bust.

I have discovered at least one brand new CZ EVO 3, several CZ VZ. 61 Scorpions, SSG 08 sniper rifle, FN FAL (cloned?) as well as Kalashnikov with Magpul furniture.

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SBU seized a stockpile of European-made guns

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Seized gunsSeized guns

Security Service of Ukraine and police pulled the plug on a channel of illegal guns and ammo to Ukraine via postal service.

Kyiv man created multiple accounts in social media and gun forums, where he looked for potential customers.

These customers transferred money to his bank account, upon which the suspect sent them disassembled guns via express delivery service.

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Artsy Zip Guns

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Homemade gunHomemade gun

Every so often I get an email from a conceptual artist who is obsessed with the artistic merit of putting a gun on display.

Rarely do they exhibit beautiful guns, but instead poorly made, badly modified or kitschy blinged out guns.

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Want to Buy a Gun Without a Background Check? Armslist Can Help

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The Armslist logoThe Armslist logo

In 2007, US Air Force Academy graduate Jon Gibbon saw a television interview about Craigslist that got him thinking. The online classifieds site had decided to reject ads for firearms, and Gibbon thought he had spotted an opportunity.

"When I heard them say that they decided to ban all gun-related ads because a few users cried out for it, it inspired me to create a place for law-abiding gun owners to buy and sell online without all of the hassles of auctions and shipping," he told Human Events in 2010.

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