The Revolver Camera: Oddity or oddly familiar?

| Abroad , Handguns, Gun Accessories | Author: Olga Guseinova

retro camera-gunretro camera-gun

Pull the trigger. Snap a picture. The revolver camera is old, but not as odd as one might think. It may even seem weird and potentially even a little morbid. 

Theoretically, the shooter could capture a photo of the target at the moment of impact. But is this technology really as odd and antiquated as it appears, or simply a design a half-century ahead of its time?

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California police train with airsoft guns amid shortage

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Police trainingPolice training

A nationwide ammunition shortage has prompted many California police departments to find alternatives to using live firearms in training exercises, CBS San Francisco reports.

“Everybody is fighting for what is seems like a shrinking amount of ammunition out there,” said Lt. Louie Tirona, a firearms and tactics instructor for the Richmond Police Department who came up with the idea to use professional-grade airsoft guns in training drills.

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Rifles of the Foreign Legion, Then and Now

| Military Weapons, Abroad | Author: Web admin

Apparently the French troops also enjoy playing Modern Warfare 2. Nice mask!Apparently the French troops also enjoy playing Modern Warfare 2. Nice mask!

It has now been confirmed that Sunday night the French Foreign Legion conducted an air assault in Mali, parachuting into the northern suburbs of Timbuktu.

Other French forces control the south, while indigenous troops native to Mali attempt to hold the east and west. The Al-Qaeda linked fundamentalist rebels who have held Timbuktu for ten months are now attempting to “squirt” out of the city and bypass rings of roadblocks set up by French and Malian troops.

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Sportsman Channel Host Killed by Jealous Husband, Police Say

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Greg RodriguezGreg Rodriguez

A Montana man shot and killed the host of the Sportsman Channel show “A Rifleman’s Journal” Thursday night in what police believe to be a jealous rage, the Associated Press reported.

The incident started when the shooter, 41-year-old Wayne Bengston, learned that his wife was meeting with 43-year-old Greg Rodriguez over at her mother’s house, Whitefish Police Chief Bill Dial told reporters.

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Smith & Wesson 625JM: ‘A jewel of a revolver’

| Handguns | Author: Web admin

Smith & Wesson 625JMSmith & Wesson 625JM

During WWI the U.S. did not have enough Colt 1911 pistols to go around, so Smith & Wesson and Colt retooled their revolver production to fill the .45 ACP gap in the military’s arsenal. In turn both companies produced M1917 revolvers.

It was a viable solution at the time and while it may not be in high demand today — a revolver to fire semi-auto ammo — Smith & Wesson continues to make .45 ACP revolvers for their loyal fans.

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Why I Favor a Complete Ban on ‘Aquatic Deathtraps’ aka Swimming Pools

| Politics & Guns, Abroad | Author: Web admin

Real ADTReal ADT

Our fearless leader in the White House, President Barack Hussein Obama believes we must do everything in our power to save lives, even if it involves stripping law-abiding citizens of their private property or infringing upon their constitutionally guaranteed rights.

In a gun-control stump speech in Minnesota last month, the president explained why we must be prepared to give up our freedom to save lives.

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50 Round SGM Glock Drum Mags

| Ammo, Handguns, Gun Accessories | Author: Denis Zalesnov

The SGM Tactical 50The SGM Tactical 50

When the Glock 17 was introduced in the 1982, its huge 17-shot magazine gave the pistol an 18-round capability.

For those who want more, there is always the SGM Drum, which holds an entire box of shells.

And that's a fifty round box.

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Want to Buy a Gun Without a Background Check? Armslist Can Help

| Politics & Guns, Illegal Guns, Criminal Incedents | Author: Web admin

The Armslist logoThe Armslist logo

In 2007, US Air Force Academy graduate Jon Gibbon saw a television interview about Craigslist that got him thinking. The online classifieds site had decided to reject ads for firearms, and Gibbon thought he had spotted an opportunity.

"When I heard them say that they decided to ban all gun-related ads because a few users cried out for it, it inspired me to create a place for law-abiding gun owners to buy and sell online without all of the hassles of auctions and shipping," he told Human Events in 2010.

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Family fights back when 3 gunmen storm their home; one intruder shot

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Shooter and policeShooter and police

HOUSTON –A 21-year-old man sprang into action to protect his family Thursday night when three suspects barged into their northwest Harris County home.

The young man was home with his mother and father in the 3900 block of Brook Garden when the armed men forced their way into the house around 8 p.m., according to Harris County Sheriff’s deputies.

The family was in the middle of baking a cake, when there was a knock at the door.

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Watch Armed Robber Quickly Retreat When He is Met With an AR-15 (VIDEO)

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This past Thursday a male and female armed couple broke into an Inkster, Michigan tax business.

Expecting money, the assailants were surprisingly met with a security guard who quickly retreated into to the back room of the office to grab his AR-15.

Realizing they were outgunned, the armed robbers retreated.

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