Radetec AmmoControl Digital Counter And Led Advisor

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Digital Counter Digital Counter

Another futuristic technology on display at SHOT Show was the Radetec AmmoControl Digital Counter and AmmoControl Led Advisor.

The AmmoControl is a grip that can keep track of how many rounds are left a magazine and how many rounds have been fired over the lifetime of the weapon.

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KRISS Arms Vector CRB "Enhanced"

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SBR EnhancedSBR Enhanced

The mainstay product of the Swiss-based KRISS International Arms Group is the "Vector" sub-machinegun, originally developed by the earlier incarnation of the company (Gamma Recherches, S.A.) along with US-based TDI - Transformational Defense Industries, Inc. − which is now the US-based KRISS Arms Group branch.

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Chiappa X-Caliber

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X-Caliber  X-Caliber

The X-Caliber caliber conversion system for shotguns is not exactly new to those who closely followed the American market in the past months.

It was originally conceived by Tim Ralston at Gear Up Center, and originally announced early on in 2013.

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SHOT Show 2016: X95 from IWI US, Inc.

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IWI X95 BullpupIWI X95 Bullpup

At SHOT Show 2016 held in Las Vegas, Rebecca McCoy, IWI US, Inc. Commercial Sales Representative told representatives of Ukrainian Gun Owners Association about an upgraded bullpup X95 model.

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Smith & Wesson 929 Jerry Miculek

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Smith & Wesson M-929Smith & Wesson M-929

Built to the specifications of Smith & Wesson Champion Jerry Miculek, the Model 929 is a high-tuned 8-shot 9mm revolver developed specifically to suit the needs of competitive shooting, as many shooters – particularly in Europe – are abandoning revolver specialties in IPSC shooting as they can hardly find a fitting tool for the trade.

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Taurus 85 View

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Taurus 85 ViewTaurus 85 View

Forjas Taurus, the famous Brazilian gunmaking company, will start in 2014 the marketing of the Taurus 85 View compact double-action-only revolver.

The Taurus 85 View revolver sports a .38 Special chambering, with a five-shots titanium cylinder, an aluminium frame, and a titanium barrel.

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Minn. Byron Smith gets most severe charge in teens' deaths

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first-degree murder by Byron Smith. Nick Brady and Haile Kiferfirst-degree murder by Byron Smith. Nick Brady and Haile Kifer

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A central Minnesota man accused of killing two unarmed teenagers, shooting them multiple times as they tried to break into his home, has been indicted on first-degree murder charges, prosecutors announced Thursday. 

A Morrison County grand jury indicted Byron Smith, 64, on Wednesday on two counts of first-degree murder with premeditation in the Nov. 22 deaths of 17-year-old Nick Brady and 18-year-old Haile Kifer. Initially, Smith was charged with two counts of second-degree murder.

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Magnum Research "Desert Eagle"

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Desert EagleDesert Eagle

Despite having been − and being currently − manufactured by IMI - Israel Military Industries (today known as IWI - Israel Weapon Industries Ltd.) for economic reasons, the "Desert Eagle" pistol is a quintessentially American gun, having been first conceived by Magnum Research Inc. engineers in Pillager (Minnesota) at the beginning of the 1980s.

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Chiappa AK-22

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Chiappa: AK-22 - semi-automatic rimfire carbineChiappa: AK-22 - semi-automatic rimfire carbine

The Italian arms industry has a solid history in military-style rimfire trainers; back in the early 1970s and onwards, the ADLER - Armi Jäger group manufactured rimfire clones of the AR-15, AKM, Galil and FA-MAS platforms, which were sold literally by the hundreds of thousands all around Europe and around the globe, with Mitchell Arms being a premier distributor in the United States.

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